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Empress PureRemy Sew-in* - Glowsom Weave & Hair Extensions
Sew In - Empress Straight - Glowsom Weave & Hair Extensions
Empress Straight is the ideal blend of coarseness for your weave hairstyle
Sew In - Empress Straight emulates the perfect blow out natural 4B/4C hair
Empress Straight Best Hair Extensions by Glowsom

    Empress PureRemy Sew-in*

    $ 75.00
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    Look like an empress, feel empowered and be authentic.

    The Empress PureRemy Hair sew-in extension:

    • Emulates the natural texture of kinky hair type after a blow-out. 
    • Hair is soft, full of body and blends seamlessly with your natural hair that has been blown out.  
    • Creates an authentic, dramatic look without the hassle of managing this amount and type of hair naturally. 
    Because our PureRemy Human Hair is carefully chosen and prepared, it is unlike any other remy hair available.  It lasts longer and tangles less.   

    Styling & Care:

    • Wear in its natural state or flat-iron on average heat.  Extremely high heat can alter the texture of this hair.
    • Cannot be colored.

    Longevity:  Lasts up to 1 year or more

    Weight: 100 gr or 3.5 oz.

    Color:  Unaltered, natural off-black color