Glowsom is a company driven by the belief that outer beauty attracts……but inner beauty impacts. We are passionately committed to helping women achieve the strongest sense of self – and self-worth – possible by providing them, first, with a foundation of acceptance and encouragement and secondly, with the most outstanding, reliable and wholesome human hair extensions and hair piece products available in the marketplace.

In a world that seems to continually raise the bar for what is considered beautiful, we say to all women everywhere – let’s set our own standard of beauty. A high one that is based on a few values that might sound old-fashioned - things like integrity and humility. And let’s add in some fundamentals like health and wellness and attention to detail. But most of all, let’s set a standard of beauty that begins and ends on the inside. Then let’s do our hair, apply our makeup and step out to dazzle the world!

At Glowsom, your happiness and satisfaction are at the top of our priority list. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers – sustained through honesty and integrity - by treating them fairly and being with them every step of the way on the beauty journey.

We would love to hear from you! Please send any questions or comments to info@glowsom.com.


As much as we love beautiful hair at Glowsom, we love giving back even more.  We contribute a full 10% of our revenue to the Lighthouse Christian Children’s Home in Ghana, West Africa. The children there are orphans and so very precious!  We contribute so that they can experience love and generosity from those around them even while they await their forever home.

The Home is currently transitioning from dormitory style housing to apartment style housing so that the children can experience more of a true family setting.  And while the buildings themselves are completed, they are in need of so many items to make them feel like home.  The most needed are talked about in this video about Lighthouse.  We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry!



We also want you to know about our personal philosophies here at Glowsom: 

  • We operate on the golden rule – we sell only the highest quality products, provide a 100% risk-free guarantee and extend a flexible return policy because that is what WE would want.
  • We choose to advertise with a smile, rather than sex and sensuality – after all, the smile is best makeup in the world!
  • We support the less fortunate by giving time and money to various other charitable organizations in addition to the orphanage in Ghana.