Glowsom’s mission is to empower women with confidence by offering them premium, reliable, exceptional human hair extensions and weaves.

Miss Glowsom, our founder, knows that women who feel beautiful – radiate it on the inside and outside.  She wants every woman to find the glow inside, so she can blossom on the outside.
Miss Glowsom is also committed to quality.  She sets a high standard for everything she does, including personally selecting and inspecting every piece of hair that makes Glowsom PureHair Extensions. 
If it isn’t good enough for Miss Glowsom, it isn’t good enough for our customers. 
We take pride in the quality of our products and delivering satisfaction and excellent service to our customers.  Inspired by the passion and compassion of Miss Glowsom, we also care about the world around us and contribute our time, products and revenue to various charities.