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The Empress of Hair Extensions

I know that not all hair extensions are the same. 
I discovered this, first-hand, travelling the world in search of the best hair that I could find.
I was tired of hair that tangled in just a few months. 
I was frustrated with hair that was so over-processed it fell to pieces after just a few uses.
I was tired of hair that didn’t even look natural. 
So, I did something about it!  I visited half a dozen countries.
Examined thousands of hair strands under my microscope.
And, I finally found the hair that met my standards, my Glowsom PureHair. 

Glowsom PureHair is Hand-selected, 100% Virgin Hair Extensions

I, personally, inspect the cuticles of all PureHair to ensure they are intact.
I expect the cuticles to be sorted in the same direction, unprocessed and undamaged.
I demand hair from sources that provide similar texture for the most natural look.
Glowsom PureHair looks and behaves more like your real hair.
Even my PureRemy Hair is carefully chosen and processed.
This ensures it remains tangle free and lasts longer than other Remy hair extensions.
Glowsom PureHair is not from China and is always sourced from the same partners.
We never source our hair from more than 2 donors to ensure consistency.  
I am so convinced you will love Glowsom PureHair that I offer a 100% money back guarantee.