Being beautiful… 

We are women. Wanting to feel and look beautiful is in our DNA. And while the things that make us feel beautiful can be as simple as fitting in our skinny jeans, sitting in romantic candlelight, or noticing a glance from a handsome stranger on the street……a girl also needs great hair and a fabulous lipstick.

At Glowsom, we don’t shy away from owning our need for beauty. We just come at a little differently. We believe that looking our best makes us feel our best and that prepares us to give our best. None of us can argue the fact that we simply have more confidence when we feel beautiful. The acceptance speech at the Oscars simply won’t go as well without getting our hair done and putting on makeup!

But true beauty has to come from a place of self-certainty and self-love. So, we dedicate ourselves and our work to providing women with a line of products that makes them feel and look beautiful. And when we achieve that, we know they’ll be able to positively impact the world around them.



While our complete line of Glowsom Beauty Essentials creams and cosmetics is in development, we have focused our full attention on finding and providing our customers with what is simply the highest quality hair in the world.

Our hair extension products are “Remy” hair. This means the hair is gathered from donors/producers in careful processes that keep the hair’s cuticles – the surface texture of the hair - perfectly aligned in relation to all the neighboring hairs. The result of this careful process is softer, silkier hair that produces the highest quality extensions and hairpieces possible.

Contrast this with non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair is most often the left-over hair gathered from the floors of salons. The hair cuticles face various directions resulting in tangling and matting and shorter hair life spans.

All of our products are exquisitely beautiful, can be permed or colored and come with a 100% risk-free return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with Glowsom products, you can return them for a full refund – no questions asked. Now THAT can make a girl feel beautiful!

Please explore the other areas of our website for more detailed information about each of the products we offer.


 What else do I need to know about Glowsom?

 The professional philosophies behind Glowsom are simple:

  • Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty impacts……strive for both.
  • When you look your best, you feel your best and then you can give your best.
  • When your world glows with beauty – you blossom! – and become a light to others around you.


We also want you to know about our personal philosophies:

  • We operate on the golden rule – we sell only the highest quality products, provide a 100% risk-free guarantee and extend a flexible return policy because that is what WE would want.
  • We choose to advertise with a smile, rather than sex and sensuality – after all, the smile is best makeup in the world!
  • We support the less fortunate by giving time and money to the  Lighthouse Christian Children’s Home in Ghana – including a notable portion of all our sales here on Glowsom. Children are precious and they should experience love and generosity.

So, while you can be assured we work to secure and sell you the highest quality hair and beauty products in the marketplace, also know that you are buying from real people with caring hearts.


We hope you have a glowing and beautiful day!